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J. Andrew Towell – Proprietor

Providing quality photography, image processing, and web design services to meet your commercial, editorial, and event needs.

About the photographer: 

I began shooting with a Pentax slr in the early 80's through a 4H photography club and continued dabbling through college. Eventually the lack of easy access to a darkroom and a diversion of my free time to other pursuits saw the SLR relegated to a drawer with a Pentax WR point and shoot taking its place. The advent of the digital era (both sensors and processing) reignited my passion and over past years I have spent immeasurable time behind the lens and in front of the monitor. I enjoy shooting a wide variety of subjects, as evidenced by the variety of images on this site. I am always striving to improve and expand my capture and 'darkroom' techniques and relish the opportunity to shoot new subjects. If you are: an Outdoor writer, journalist, or publisher who needs someone to take quality images to complement your article/book; an event organizer in need of a photographer; a professional photographer looking for a reliable and hard working independent contractor or in need of post-processing services; or a business looking for quality digital imaging please do not hesitate to contact me. [Professional references available upon request.]

About my equipment:

I shoot with Canon equipment – currently Canon 1D, 5D, and 7D series bodies with a collection of quality lenses to cover any situation, with ready access to rental equipment. Add to that the tripods, flashes, filters, brackets, portable storage devices, laptop, batteries, chargers, the cases to hold it, and I am equipped to shoot almost any subject, almost anywhere.

I hope that you enjoy your visit. Please feel free to leave a comment in the Guestbook, on specific galleries or images, or to connect with me via social media.

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